A Traditional service would generally include a visitation or viewing of the loved one with the Funeral service at one's place of worship or at the Funeral Home, often times followed by burial in a cemetery.

A cremation service has various options afforded to the family. One option would be having a viewing of the loved one with a service at the church or funeral home followed by cremation. Another option is cremation followed by a memorial service with cremated remains present at the service. Certain individuals may also have their loved one cremated without having any services. Some families prefer to have the cremated remains buried in a cemetery or scattered at a loved one's favorite location or the remains may be kept at one's home.

With either a traditional or cremation service, our funeral home staff is here to guide you through all aspects in this most difficult time. We provide many options of personalization that will accommodate any family's particular needs. We encourage you to choose the service options most desirable to you that will most suit the life of your loved one. This may include types of tributes that reflect the life being honored.

» Removal from place of death to the Funeral Home
» Professional care of the deceased which may include sanitary washing, embalming, restorative art, dressing, hairdressing, casketing and cosmetology
» Consultation with family members to gather necessary information
» File all necessary legal documents
» Consulation with clergy
» Acquire the requested amount of certified copies of the death certificate needed to settle the estate of the deceased
» Obtain family history and compose obituary for newspaper
» Make arrangements with cemetery and/or crematory
» Provide a register book, prayer cards, funeral folders and acknowledgements
» Care and arrangement of floral pieces
» Arrange for fraternal or military services as requested
» Assist family with Social Security, Veterans, Insurance and other death related claims
» Direction of viewing and funeral service

For more information regarding Traditional or Cremation options, please call us
at (717) 637-6945.
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